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September 26, 2012

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Five-Cent Diabetes Pill From 1958 May Be New Cancer Drug
By Jason Gale and Andrea Gerlin – Sep 26, 2012
The next new treatment for breast, colon and prostate cancers, among others, may be a diabetes drug first approved in 1958.

Metformin, the most commonly used medicine to lower blood- sugar, is the subject of about 50 cancer studies globally, according to U.S. government clinical trial information compiled by Bloomberg. The research began after scientists found metformin prevented tumors in mice and that diabetics were less likely to develop a malignancy if they were taking the 5 cents- a-day pill than other diabetes medications.

The medicine is dispensed about 120 million times annually, according to a 2010 report in the journal Molecular Cancer Therapeutics. If the latest trials on breast and other tumors are successful, the drug could become a cheap weapon in the fight against a myriad of diseases including pancreatic and ovarian cancers. All told, cancer kills one in eight people and is the second-leading cause of death in most developed countries.

“The hope is that if it does show safety and efficacy, it would be available in a cost-effective way,” said Chandini Portteus, vice president of research, evaluation and scientific programs at Susan G. Komen for the Cure, a Dallas-based breast cancer advocacy group. “It would be wonderful for patients if we had something that we knew worked and was safe and low- cost.”

The organization has spent about $10 million investigating metformin for breast cancer, Portteus said. “We have to turn over every single rock to determine what the options are for patients who need them.”
Millions of Deaths

Global cancer deaths will climb to 13.1 million by 2030 from 7.6 million in 2008, the Geneva-based World Health Organization said in February. Cancer costs totaled $124.6 billion in the U.S. alone in 2010, according to the National Cancer Institute. Newer, more targeted drug therapies, such as Dendreon Corp. (DNDN)’s $93,000-a-year Provenge for prostate cancer, may add only a few months of life.

Metformin was the seventh most-dispensed medicine in the U.S. in 2011, according to a list published by IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics in April that ranked a group of painkillers that includes Vicodin as the most-prescribed. A pack of 84 500-milligram tablets of the diabetes pill, taken twice daily, costs the U.K.’s National Health Service 1.37 pounds, or the equivalent of about 3 pence (5 U.S. cents) a day.

The MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston is studying metformin in at least eight trials, according to a National Institutes of Health online database.
‘Safe and Cheap’

“It is safe and it is cheap,” said Donghui Li, an epidemiologist and professor of medicine at the center. “It reduces the risk and has better survival” in studies she’s done in pancreatic cancer patients.

Patients who had taken metformin had a 60 percent lower risk of developing pancreatic cancer, according to a case- control study Li published in 2009 in which she compared cancer patients taking metformin against people not on metformin.

Metformin didn’t benefit patients whose pancreatic cancer had already spread to other tissues, Li reported this year in the journal Clinical Cancer Research. Those patients whose malignancies were confined to the pancreas survived longer if they were on metformin — an average of 15 months, or four months more than patients not taking the drug, she found.

More research is needed to confirm those benefits in patients as their disease is developing, Li said.

“I got a lot of calls from patients and other clinicians, but I told them I cannot give them a recommendation,” she said.
Lack of Funding

Further studies have been hampered by a lack of funding, Li said. Large-scale trials can cost tens of millions of dollars. Metformin, which Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. (BMY) sold in the U.S. as Glucophage, lost patent protection years ago, meaning that manufacturers no longer reap significant profits from its sale.

Pamela Goodwin, an oncologist at Toronto’s Mount Sinai Hospital, is leading a trial in 3,582 breast-cancer patients at 300 locations. Data analysis from the five-year study may start in 2016 or 2017, according to Goodwin, who said she was ready to start on the research a decade ago, but lacked financial support from companies, including one that still had a patented version. She declined to identify the company.

“When they realized the results wouldn’t be available until they lost their patent, they pulled out,” said Goodwin, whose $25 million study is supported by the Canadian and U.S. governments as well as not-for-profit groups including the Canadian Cancer Society, the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and Cancer Research UK. Apotex Inc., a Toronto-based maker of generic medicines, is supplying metformin and a placebo used in the trial.
French Lilac

“All of the evidence has just become stronger while we waited,” said Goodwin, who is also a professor of medicine at the University of Toronto.

Metformin is a synthetic form of a compound found in French lilac, used as an herbal remedy for frequent urination in the Middle Ages. Inside cells, it acts like a weak poison. Mitochondria, the power source in cells, are tricked into thinking the body is exercising and needs to draw more nutrients and energy from the blood, according to Dario Alessi, a biochemist at the University of Dundee who studies how messages are transmitted within cells.

Registering low energy levels, cells turn off the inappropriate division that is a hallmark of cancer, he said. By lowering blood-glucose levels and sensitizing cells to the effects of insulin, metformin may help control levels of the hormone, which is implicated in cell division and cancer.
‘Very Open-Minded’

Alessi and colleagues suspected that if cancer cells were treated with metformin, they would be tricked into thinking they don’t have enough energy to divide and grow. He petitioned diabetes epidemiologist Andrew Morris to search a database of users of metformin and other diabetes drugs for their cancer incidence to test the theory.

“Me, being very open-minded, said, ‘but we’ve been using it for diabetes for 50 years and that’s all it does,” said Morris, now the University of Dundee’s dean of medicine and Scotland’s chief scientist. He and colleagues conducted two epidemiological studies based on observational data.

“We showed that those who hadn’t developed cancer had a greater tendency to have been prescribed metformin,” Morris said in an interview.

The results showed 20 percent fewer cases of cancer among diabetics taking metformin, Alessi said. “The nice thing is that this has been replicated by at least 10 other studies now with larger patient numbers in other parts of the world.”

Researchers are pooling the data to discern the cancer types metformin may be most protective against, Morris said.

When Alessi and colleagues gave metformin to tumor-prone mice, they found the drug delayed the emergence of growths by 30 percent to 40 percent, he said. In that way, metformin could be used to stop cancer cells before they develop into tumors.


September 21, 2012

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Harga Emas ‘Terpeleset’ Rp 1.000/Gram
Wahyu Daniel – detikfinance
Jumat, 21/09/2012 11:44 WIB
Jakarta – Harga emas batangan di Logam Mulia milik PT Aneka Tambang Tbk (Antam) turun, setelah naik dua hari berturut-turut. Hari ini, harga emas batangan Antam turun Rp 1.000/gram.

Dikutip dari situs Logam Mulia, Kamis (20/9/2012), harga emas batangan pecahan 1 gram turun dari Rp 585.200 per gram kemarin, menjadi Rp 584.200 per gram.

Harga emas batangan Logam Mulia memang sangat tergantung pada pergerakan emas internasional dan juga nilai tukar rupiah terhadap dolar AS.

Sementara harga buyback atau pembelian emas jika konsumen menjual kembali ke Antam adalah Rp 515 ribu per gram, turun dari harga kemarin Rp 516 ribu per gram.

Berikut harga emas batangan yang dijual oleh Logam Mulia Antam hari ini:

Pecahan 1 gram Rp 584.200
Pecahan 5 gram Rp 2.771.500
Pecahan 10 gram Rp 5.502.000
Pecahan 25 gram Rp 13.680.000


September 18, 2012

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A Guide to Jakarta’s Residential Area

Just off the TB. Simatupang toll road you’ll find the Cilandak neighborhood. The area is currently best known for the still very hip Cilandak Town Square, famous for its restaurants and cafes. The recently renovated Cilandak sport Centre with its huge Olympic sized open air pool is also a worth a visit. The area features a plethora of great apartment ideally suited for young couples who prefer practicality to pretension.

Cipete connects the main South Jakarta arteries of Jl. Fatmawati and Jl. Antasari. There are many agreeable small cafes, restaurants and boutiques to enjoy here set amongst the cosy back streets may be small but herein lies the appeal of Cipete. The mellow rows of sleepy houses that nestle under the shade of Cipete’s many lust trees provide respite from the surrounding bedlam of South Jakarta full swing.

Couples with young children often opt to live in Kebayoran Baru because of its relative residential calm. Houses here are neither too small nor too big and the streets aren’t overcrowded with cars, making it safe for parents to take their kids for a walk or bike ride.

Just behind the plaza Indonesia complex sits Kebon Kacang. More suited to the single sophisticate about town, Kebon Kacang features apartment complexes of varying prices. The restaurants of Jl. Wahid Hasyim are close by, as are the enormous new Grand Indonesia. Plaza Indonesia, the Sarinah building and the celebrated Hotel Indonesia roundabout. The main busway route on Sudirman is also close at hand if you want to live near to Jakarta’s throbbing downtown action then Kebon Kacang could be the perfect place for you.

Kemang has traditionally been a popular area for Jakarta’s expatriate community to live in. With Plenty of international school close by, as well as Western supermarkets (kemchicks, Hero Kemang and Gourmet Garage) as well as a myriad of popular restaurants and bars, Kemang offers residents a self contained all-in-one living experience.

A little further away from the city’s main southern districts lies Kebon Jeruk. Altough it may seem a long way away whendriving here, Kebon Jeruk is easily accessed from many areas of town. House in Kebon Jeruk are also perfect for families as the area is a fair distance from Jakarta’s main and highly polluted thoroughfares.

The Cinere district has undergone a lot of changes of late and the locals has become a popular choice for families to live in although there aren’t (yet) any major shopping mals in the area, traveling to nearby Pondok Indah or Kemang is an effortless journey. Cinere is also well known for its many restaurants and, perhaps most importantly, is far enough south to provide lf families with a bit of greenness, fresh air and general respite from the chaos of the capital.

In addition to Kemang, the Kuningan district is also popular with the expatriate community. Suitable for those working in the central business district as well as nearby Menteng, Kuningan is where Jakarta’s main embassies are located. Several great apartment buildings can be found here including the huge Taman Rasuna complex. Kuningan is also very close to the Mega Kuningan district with its offices and increasingly popular night spots as well as the massively popular Ambasador Shopping Mall.

Although the Mampang area is usually chock solid with traffic, it can be quite a convenient location in which to live. The area is close to the centre of town and yet is actually in the south of town where international schools and jeafier lanes are easily accessed. There are also good shopping options in Mampang (Kemang and the newly opened Pejaten Village top the list here). Reaching the city’s skyscrapers and offices in Kuningan and on Jl. Gatot Subroto and Jl. Sudirman is also a cinch. Mampang definitely offers its residents the best of both worlds.

Still famous for housing much of the city’s upper class elite and ambassadors (as well as containing the famous residence of ex-President Suharto), Menteng is also rich in history. Unsurprisingly then, living in Menteng can be a little pricey for some people. The area’s central location and many quiet, tree lined streets, however, make Menteng a top area with those for whom money is no object.

Permata Hijau may not host huge shopping malls or office buildings but the area makes a perfect choice for families who have children. Plenty of greenery and scheduled back streets make Permata Hijau suitable for those who love their morning walks or fun jogs.

Pondok Indah is one of the cities poshest and most affluent residential areas. Famed for its tropical. Tree lined streets and huge mansions, local and foreign resident choose Pondok Indah for many reasons. As well as the many international and national-plus schools close by, entertainment and recreation are also on hand at Pondok Indah Malls I and II as well as at the water park and classy golf course.

Senayan is great area for young couples. Situated between South and Central Jakarta. Senayan offers the leisure options of south (Senayan City, Plaza Senayan, Senayan sports complex and driving range) but is also very close to the office blocks of Jl. Sudirman.

Those who appreciate Jakarta’s many landmark, such as Monas or the National Library, may enjoy living in Senen. Even though it is a little hectic, the area can still be an agreeable place in which to live. Senen is also close to the historic Gedung Kesenian Jakarta where local and international performances are often held.

This is possibly the most strategic area of town in which to live. Jl. Sudirman is Jakarta’s best known thoroughfare and at the heart of the city’s CBD. Busy executives who value practicality and convenience should consider pitching camp here. Most of the capital’s main offices can be found here, as well as plenty of apartments. The busway is also readily at hand so there’s no need to own your own car. Rents here may be a touch steeper than in other less central areas, however you’ll be so close to everything thath perhaps this won’t be an issue at all.

September 12, 2012

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Gandeng Pegadaian, Antam Jual Emas Bersertifikat Inggris
Hingga pertengahan tahun, Pegadaian membeli emas hingga 1,2 ton.
Selasa, 11 September 2012, 16:44 Syahid Latif

VIVAnews – Berniat memperluas jaringan pemasaran di Tanah Air, PT Aneka Tambang Tbk menggandeng PT Pegadaian untuk kegiatan jual beli emas batangan bersertifikat London Bullion Market Association (LBMA), Inggris.

Pegadaian selama ini telah menjadi salah satu pelanggan terbesar produk emas batangan Logam Mulia yang diproduksi Antam.

”Dengan kerja sama ini, Antam dapat terus meningkatkan penjualan dan distribusi emas batangan ke pelosok Indonesia dengan bantuan Pegadaian yang memiliki gerai di daerah-daerah yang belum terjangkau oleh Antam,” kata Direktur Utama Antam, Alwinsyah Lubis dalam keterangan tertulis yang diperoleh VIVAnews, Selasa, 11 September 2012.

Dalam kerja sama ini, unit Bisnis Pengolahan dan Pemurnian Logam Mulia Antam akan menyediakan emas batangan bersertifikat LBMA kepada Pegadaian sesuai dengan harga harian yang berlaku, untuk kemudian dijual kembali oleh Pegadaian melalui gerai-gerainya yang tersebar di seluruh Indonesia.

Sebagai pelanggan produk emas batangan Logam Mulia sejak pertengahan 2010, Pegadaian telah mencatat angka pembelian sebesar 147 kilogram emas hingga akhir tahun tersebut. Setahun kemudian, Pegadaian melakukan pembelian hingga mencapai sekitar 1 ton emas.

Hingga pertengahan 2012, perusahaan yang sebelumnya berbentuk perum ini telah melakukan pembelian sebanyak kurang lebih 1,2 ton emas.

Antam menilai, peningkatan volume pembelian emas dari Pegadaian selama tiga tahun terakhir, mengindikasikan peningkatan permintaan emas batangan Logam Mulia di masyarakat. (art)

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HARGA EMAS: Masih naik lagi ke US$1.736,90


Rabu, 12 September 2012 | 08:43 WIB
bisnis indonesia

NEW YORK: Harga emas Rabu pagi ini (12/09) kembali melanjutkan kenaikan dalam 3 dari 4 sesi perdagangan kemarin terangkat spekulasi stimulus moneter dari Federal Reserve.

Harga emas untuk pengiriman Desember di Bursa Komoditas New York Rabu pagi ini waktu Jakarta naik 0,12% ke US$1.736,90 per ounce.

Harga logam tersebut menyentuh level tertinggi 6 bulan pada 7 September setelah data tenaga kerja AS per Agustus tumbuh sesuai dengan estimasi.

Harga emas sudah naik 70% dari Desember 2008 ke Juni 2011 sejalan langkah The Fed menjaga bunga rendah dan meluncurkan stimulus dengan membeli US$2,3 triliun utang dalam 2 putaran.

The Fed sendiri baru memulai pertemuan 2 harinya Kamis besok. Namun, sinyal adanya stimulus baru itu sudah diberikan Chairman The Fed Ben S. Bernanke bulan lalu.

“Lebih banyak orang tertarik membeli emas untuk mengantisipasi ada tidaknya stimulus dalam 48 jam ke depan,” kata Adam Klopfenstein, analis Archer Financial Services Inc. in Chicago.

“Pasar sudah pricing akan adanya stimulus tahap ketiga, sekaligus ketidakpastian terhadap situasi terkini di Eropa.” (Bloomberg/Bsi)

HARGA EMAS: Harga lokal pecahkan rekor

Sekti Dewi Mayestika

Senin, 10 September 2012 | 21:49 WIB
bisnis indonesia

JAKARTA: Harga emas lokal menembus rekor baru tahun ini, dengan lompatan harga mencapai Rp15.000 per gram, mengikuti tren kenaikan di pasar global.

Harga emas batangan di pasar ritel Tanah Air mengacu harga PT Aneka Tambang (Antam) pada Senin (10/9), untuk ukuran 1 gram diperdagangkan pada posisi Rp579.000, naik dari harga akhir pekan lalu sebesar Rp564.000.

Adapun harga emas ukuran 100 gram berada pada posisi Rp540.000 per gram, naik dari harga akhir pekan lalu sebesar Rp525.000.

Antam menetapkan harga emas secara regresif, artinya harga semakin murah untuk pembeliaan emas dengan ukuran yang lebih besar.

Bambang Wijanarko, Marketing Manager Unit Binis Pengolahan dan Pemurniaan Logam Mulia PT Aneka Tambang Tbk, mengatakan kenaikan harga tersebut merupakan level tertinggi tahun ini.

Selain karena mengikuti pergerakan harga global, lanjutnya, kenaikan harga emas juga didorong melemahnya nilai tukar rupiah terhadap dolar Amerika Serikat (AS).

“Iya, kenaikan tersebut merupakan rekor untuk tahun ini. Namun, belum menembus rekor harga pada tahun lalu,” katanya kepada Bisnis, Senin (10/9).

Menurut dia, kenaikan harga tersebut masih akan berlanjut beberapa hari ke depan. Namun, jelasnya, pergerakan harga mungkin berbalik apabila harapan pasar global terkait stimulus di AS tidak terealisasi.

Bambang mengatakan meskipun tren harga emas mulai naik, tingkat penjualan logam mulia tersebut masih normal. “Tren harga memang mulai naik namun sejauh ini tingkat penjualan masih normal,” ujarnya.

Dalam perkembangan global, harga emas terus melaju mendekati level tertinggi dalam 6 bulan terakhir.

Harga emas naik 0,3% menjadi US$1.740,05 per ounce dan diperdagangkan pada level US$1.739,75 pukul 9.43 waktu Singapura.

Harga logam mulia tersebut sempat menyentuh level US$1.741,70 pada 7 September, tertinggi sejak 29 Februari, setelah data tenaga kerja AS tumbuh lebih rendah dari perkiraan.

Adapun, harga emas untuk pengiriman Desember berada pada posisi US$1.741 per ounce di Comex.

Secara terpisah, Analis PT Monex Investindo Futures Ariston Tjendra mengatakan harga emas masih berpeluang untuk naik dan menembus US$1.760 per ounce.

“Ekspektasi pelonggaran moneter oleh The Fed semakin meningkat setelah data penambahan tenaga kerja melemah. Ini berita baik untuk harga emas,” katanya.

Pekan ini, lanjutnya, terdapat sejumlah data atau agenda penting yang akan menjadi penentu arah pergerakan emas selanjutnya a.l terkait keputusan Mahkamah Konsititusi Jerman mengenai aktivasi lembaga bailout permanen Eropa (ESM/European Stability Mechanism) pada 12 September dan pertemuan The Fed terkait pelonggaran moneter.

“Berita negatif dari agenda pekan ini bisa membawa emas kembali melemah memasuki area US$1.660. Namun, apabila beritanya positif, emas bisa bergerak mendekati US$1.800,” jelasnya.

Adapun kepemilikan emas di bursa AS bertahan pada posisi 2.474,117 ton. Data ekonomi AS menunjukan adanya penambahan 96.000 tenaga kerja pada Agustus atau lebih rendah dari perkiraan sebesar 130.000.

Data industri China tumbuh melambat, terendah dalam 3 tahun terakhir. Terkait hal tersebut, President China Hu Jintao memberi sinyal untuk melakukan tindakan lebih guna memacu pertumbuhan ekonomi.

“Pelonggaran moneter ini akan mendorong emas sebagai aset yang lebih menarik,” kata Sun Yonggang, Strategi Makroekonomi Everbright Futures Co.

Sementara itu, harga perak di pasar spot naik untuk hari ketiga sebesar 0,8% menjadi US$33,96 per ounce, tertinggi sejak 12 Maret. Harga platinum naik 0,9% menjadi US$1.605,50 per ounce, termahal sejak 13 April.(msb)

September 4, 2012

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Emas Masih Berkisar di Harga Tertinggi
Sepanjang tahun ini emas telah membukukan keuntungan 8,42 persen.
Selasa, 4 September 2012, 10:07 Hadi Suprapto

VIVAnews – Harga emas terus naik ke level tertinggi dalam lebih dari lima bulan pada Selasa, 4 September 2012, karena menyusul spekulasi adanya langkah-langkah pelonggaran baru dari bank sentral Amerika Serikat.

Kantor berita Reuters melaporkan, harga emas spot di Singapura pada Selasa pagi naik 0,2 persen pada US$1.695,49 per ons. Beberapa saat sebelumnya, emas sempat menyentuh US$1.696,36 per ons, tertinggi sejak pertengahan Maret. Bila dihitung kumulatif, sepanjang tahun ini emas telah membukukan keuntungan 8,42 persen.

Sedangkan emas berjangka Amerika Serikat untuk pengiriman Desember naik 0,6 persen menjadi US$1.698,00, dengan kenaikan sepanjang tahun 8,37 persen.

Sementara itu data Eropa juga mempengaruhi harga emas. Moody’s Investors Service telah mengubah outlook peringkat surat utang Uni Eropa dari Aaa dengan outlook positif ke negatif. Penurunan peringkat ini merefleksikan peningkatan risiko terhadap Jerman, Perancis, Inggris, dan Belanda, yang merupakan penyokong terbesar Uni Eropa.

Penertiban tambang platinum di Afrika Selatan juga turut memicu kenaikan harga logam mulia. Sejumlah polisi Afrika Selatan menembakkan gas air mata dan peluru karet untuk membubarkan penambang liar di dekat Johannesburg pada Senin kemarin.

Perdagangan platinum spot di Singapura naik tipis 0,39 persen menjadi US$1.550,50 per ons. Sedangkan silver naik 0,5 persen ke US$3,25 per ons. (adi)

Bersiap, emas diramal akan melaju lebih tinggi
Oleh Barratut Taqiyyah, Bloomberg – Senin, 03 September 2012 | 16:08 WIB

LONDON. Harga kontrak emas diprediksi masih akan terus mencatatkan. Spekulasi tersebut disebabkan oleh kemungkinan penggelontoran quantitative easing 3 (QE3) oleh the Federal Reserve untuk menggairahkan kembali perekonomian AS. Kondisi itu berpotensi mendongkrak permintaan emas sebagai lindung nilai kekayaan.

“Intervensi moneter dari bank sentral di 2012 dapat memicu harga emas naik lebih tinggi,” jelas Patrick Legland, global head of research Societe Generale SA.

Seperti yang diberitakan sebelumnya, pada 31 Agustus lalu, pimpinan the Fed Ben S Bernanke menyatakan bahwa penggelontoran stimulus tambahan kemungkinan besar akan dilakukan untuk memperkuat proses pemulihan ekonom AS. Pada hari yang sama, harga emas di pasar spot rally 2,2%. Ini merupakan kenaikan harian terbesar dalam dua bulan terakhir.

Selain itu, data manufaktur China mencatatkan kontraksi untuk kali pertama dalam sembilan bulan terakhir pada Agustus. Data ini menambah sinyal terjadi perlambatan pertumbuhan seiring terpangkasnya permintaan akibat krisis utang Eropa.

Hal senada juga diungkapkan oleh Andrey Kryuchenkov, analis VTB Capital. Dia bilang, harga emas masih akan menanjak tinggi. Meski demikian, “Aksi profit taking kemungkinan terjadi setelah emas menyentuh harga tertinggi. Seluruh fokus akan tertuju pada Eropa,” jelasnya.

Catatan saja, pada pukul 09.28 waktu London, harga kontrak emas untuk pengantaran cepat tak banyak mencatatkan perubahan di posisi US$ 1.690,25 per troy ounce. Pada transaksi sebelumnya, kontrak yang sama sempat bertengger di posisi US$ 1.693,03, level tertinggi sejak 27 Maret lalu.

Sementara itu, harga kontrak emas untuk pengantaran Desember naik 0,3% menjadi US$ 1.692,30 per troy ounce di Comex, New York.
Harga Emas Batangan Antam Naik Rp 10 Ribu/Gram
Wahyu Daniel – detikfinance
Senin, 03/09/2012 10:16 WIB
Jakarta – Hari ini harga emas batangan di Logam Mulia milik Aneka Tambang (Antam) naik. Kenaikan harga emas batangan Antam mencapai Rp 10.000/gram.

Dikutip dari situs Logam Mulia, Senin (3/9/2012), harga emas batangan pecahan 1 gram naik dari Rp 551 ribu per gram menjadi Rp 561 ribu per gram dibandingkan harga pada Jumat pekan lalu.

Harga emas batangan Logam Mulia memang sangat tergantung pada pergerakan emas internasional dan juga nilai tukar rupiah terhadap dolar AS.

Sementara harga buyback atau pembelian emas jika konsumen menjual kembali ke Antam adalah Rp 501 ribu per gram.

Berikut harga emas batangan yang dijual oleh Logam Mulia Antam hari ini dibanding Jumat pekan lalu:

Pecahan 1 gram Rp 561 ribu, naik dari harga Rp 551 ribu.
Pecahan 5 gram Rp 2.655.500, naik dari harga Rp 1.062.000.
Pecahan 10 gram Rp 5.270.000, naik dari harga Rp 5.170.000.
Pecahan 25 gram Rp 13.100.000, naik dari harga Rp 12.850.000.


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