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April 22, 2011

I heart you: BRIPTU norman JUGA MANU$14… 220411

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Kurang Tidur, Briptu Norman Sakit
Ia juga pernah disuntik vitamin selama kunjungan 12 harinya di Jakarta.
KAMIS, 21 APRIL 2011, 00:45 WIB Syahid Latif

VIVAnews – Briptu Norman Kamaru yang jatuh sakit karena kecapekan usai menjalani rangkaian show di Jakarta, ternyata hanya bisa menikmati tidur 3-4 jam setiap harinya.
Selama di ibukota, anggota polisi dari Kesatuan Brimob ini baru bisa tidur pukul 03.00 dinihari setiap harinya. “Kami rata-rata tidur hanya 3 hingga 4 jam setiap hari. Begitu padatnya, Briptu Norman biasa tidur jam 3 dini hari dan bangun jam 6 pagi untuk memenuhi jadwal syuting,” kata Komandan Satuan Brimob Polda Gorontalo, Ajun Komisaris Besar Polisi Anang Sumpena, kepada VIVAnews.com, Rabu, 20 April 2011.

Anang yang mengaku terus mendampingi Briptu Norman selama di Jakarta mengatakan, kondisi fisik Briptu Norman menurun karena terlalu sibuk dengan jadwal manggung, baik on air maupun off air.

Pola tidur yang hanya 3-4 jam per hari tersebut, ujar Anang, tidak pernah dirasakan oleh Briptu Norman sebelumnya.

Anang mengungkapkan, Briptu Norman juga pernah disuntik vitamin selama kunjungan 12 harinya di Jakarta. Suntikan itu dimaksudkan untuk mempertahankan daya tubuhnya guna memenuhi undangan yang cukup padat.

Namun, setelah kembali ke kesatuannya di Gorontalo, stamina Briptu Norman terus menurun sehingga harus memperoleh perawatan.
Seperti diketahui, Briptu Norman dilarikan ke Poliklinik Mapolda Gorontalo setelah kondisi fisiknya mengalami penurunan. Ia mengeluh pusing, penglihatan berkunang-kunang serta demam.
Sejak masih Jakarta, Briptu Norman kadang mengeluh ingin beristirahat seperti sebelumnya. Kesibukan selama hampir 2 pekan di Jakarta memang berdampak pada kondisi fisiknya.

(Laporan Rahmat Zeena | Makassar)
• VIVAnews
Tips Eliminate Fatigue After Hard Work

Go to the salon is one good solution. But surely you’ve ever been in a financial situation that thinning, or you do not have much time to go to the salon.

How many hours a day do you work? Seven or eight hours? You feel tired and bored. That’s fair, indeed sometimes you feel tired and bored. Especially if your work unfinished. It seemed to run away. Immediately arrange holidays or lounging at home.

When felt tired, your shoulders like tons burden. Legs felt stiff like wood. It felt heavy and uncomfortable to move. Head feels heavy. The skin felt tight as could not breathe. So what you normally do?

Go to the salon is one good solution. But surely you’ve ever been in a financial situation that thinning, or you do not have much time to go to the salon. Here are some ways that you must try. This method is relatively easy, fun and totally fitting to eliminate fatigue after work.

All you need to do is:

1. Massage scrub

Massage this scrub you must do yourself. The part that you need to massage hands and feet are all over you. The shoulder and back. Give a gentle massage until you feel comfortable. You are more familiar with the anatomy of your body, then you better do the massage itself. Go to someone else. Activities of this body scrub massage you can do before a shower. Do not forget the result will be more comfortable if you shower with warm water. Because warm water to help expedite the flow of your blood

Prepare a warm water and one teaspoon of salt in a bucket. Enter the bud, rosebud, or if you want to be replaced with the scent of aroma therapy fragrance. Give one or two drops of course. Cermatlah choose the scent. Find a scent that gives relaxation and comfort, and able to generate enthusiasm. Soak your feet in it for about 30 minutes. Feel all the warmth that spread at your feet. Would not you feel more fresh now?

3. Warm water bath

Do not Sepelekan your shower activity. From now on make your bath time a special time. For example, use soaps that contain aroma therapy. Or soap scented fruit or flowers. It really help you to calm the mind.
Rub soap in your entire body. Then gently rinse with warm water. Feel any flow of water in your body. Guyur your body from head to toe. So if your head feels heavy, the load it will fade along with the soap and splash water in your body.

4. Drinking hot tea

Remember, tea contains various substances that are beneficial to the body. So do not hesitate to consume hot tea when you feel your body feels tired. Tea helps refresh your body. Restores fresh taste and passion that has been worn all day. The amount of caffeine in tea helps you feel more relaxed. Brewed tea warm, enjoy while bathing or after bathing. Your body will be more relaxed.

It feels more relaxed and comfortable is not it? Immediately adjust your sleeping position. Then lie down in the most comfortable position. Close your eyes. And be prepared for the day more refreshed the next day

Read more: http://healthmad.com/alternative/tips-eliminate-fatigue-after-hard-work/#ixzz1KH8Zaxcu

Hard Work and Fatigue

Many of us come home after a hard day’s work feeling fatigued and worn out. If asked, we would honestly respond that the hard work has caused our weariness. In reality, hard work can be exhilarating, while frustration, delays, conflict, and unproductiveness wear us out and create fatigue.

When I consulting, I spend quite a bit of time traveling through airports. People often comment on how tiring travel can be. The travel, itself, is not really all that tiring. It’s the delays, frustration, long lines, and lack of coordination that often creates the tired and weary traveler.

Too many people confuse activity with productivity. Activity is tiring. Productivity is invigorating as you can observe the progress you have made toward your goal.

Just because you’re busy and tired does not necessarily mean you’re getting anything done. The hamster in the cage running furiously on the spinning wheel is creating a lot of activity and no productivity. He is running a great distance without making any progress.

There are several things you can do to avoid the time- wasters and fatigue-creators in your life.

1. Have a daily list of priorities you want to accomplish. List them from the most important to the least so if you run out of day before you run out of list, you’ve accomplished the maximum possible for your efforts.
2. Try to avoid trivia, interruptions, junk mail, spam, and unsolicited calls. This is much harder than it sounds as there are countless people wanting to make their priorities and problems your focus for the day.
3. Schedule brief breaks during the day. Take a walk, read a magazine, call a friend, etc. Five minutes of distraction and recreation can make all the difference. Sometimes it’s easier to get an hour’s worth of work done in 55 minutes than in a full hour.
4. Get in the practice of relegating everything on your list to one of three outcomes. Either do it, move it, or scratch it. When you close the book on today’s activities, everything on your list should be completed, rescheduled for another day, or determined to be so insignificant as not to be pursued.

You are the most important commodity in your business and personal life. We allow people to waste our time, energy, and focus when we would never allow them to steal our money or resources.

As you go through your day today, focus on priorities and avoid the time-wasters and fatigue-creators.

Today’s the day!


I heart you: emas is a must (3100) : 220411

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Emas Sentuh Harga Tertinggi US$1.506
Kenaikan harga emas hingga mencetak rekor tertinggi membuat pialang mengambil keuntungan.
KAMIS, 21 APRIL 2011, 10:38 WIB Hadi Suprapto

VIVAnews – Harga emas akhirnya ditutup di bawah US$1.500 per ounce, setelah pada pertengahan perdagangan sempat menyentuh level tertinggi US$1.506,50.

Harga emas untuk pengiriman Juni menguat US$3,80 dan menetap di level US$1.498,90 per ounce di divisi Comex New York Mercantile Exchange, Rabu 20 April atau Kamis dinihari waktu Indonesia.

Melambungnya harga emas pada tahun ini telah melampaui harapan banyak analis. Awalnya, sejumlah analis memperkirakan harga emas bertahan pada US$1.600 hiingga akhir tahun ini.

Namun, melihat tren harga yang seperti ini, Global Resources Fund meningkatkan target harga menjadi US$2.000 hingga akhir tahun ini. “Saya pikir itu jelas, bahwa kita berada dalam pasar yang menggelembung,” kata Brian Hicks, manajer di Global Resources Fund, seperti dikutip The Street.

Kenaikan harga emas hingga mencetak rekor tertinggi membuat sejumlah pialang mengambil keuntungan. Scott Redler, kepala T3live.com, mengaku telah mengambil keuntungan dalam beberapa posisi perdagangan emas. Demikian juga dengan David Banister, kepala strategi investasi di ActiveTradingPartners.com.
“Saya mungkin akan memangkas beberapa posisi saya,” kata Banister.

Meski demikian, mereka percaya harga emas masih akan terus naik ke posisi US$1.525 dan US$1.550, sebelum koreksi tajam ke tingkat US$1.300 per ounce. (art)
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April 21, 2011

I heart you: 2011: ihsg 5000, fingers crossing

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salah satu indikator perubahan pada harga saham berkapitalisasi RAKSASA, seperti bumi, adalah IHSG, indeks harga saham gabungan
ekspektasi gw, pada Happy Kartini’s Day, adalah 2011: ihsg 5K (analisis sederhana ihsg 5K

April 20, 2011

I heart you: emas is a must (3051) : 210411

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Emas akhirnya mencapai level USD1.500 per ounce karena melemahnya nilai tukar dolar Amerika Serikat (AS) terhadap euro, serta kekhawatiran atas inflasi yang berlanjut membuat investor menarik investasinya lagi ke tempat yang lebih aman.

Seperti dilansir AFP, emas di pasar Bullion London mencapai USD1,505.65 per ounce. Emas sempat diperdagangkan di kisaran harga USD1.503,6 dan terus naik. Sementara harga perak juga diperdagangkan di kisaran USD44.79 per ounce.

Ini membuktikan logam mulia ini masih dianggap sebagai investasi yang paling aman dalam ketidakstabilan politik dan ekonomi seperti saat ini.

Nilai tukar dolar AS terus jatuh terhadap euro. Saat ini, Amerika juga sedang dililit masalah terkait defisit di sektor keuangannya. Harga emas terus terpantau naik mencapai level USD1.500 per ounce sejak perdagangan awal pekan ini setelah Standard & Poor’s(S&P) merevisi laporan outlook Amerika dari stabil menjadi negatif.

Selain itu, kenaikan emas juga dipicu kenaikan harga minyak dunia dan inflasi global yang juga menyerang China, India dan sejumlah negara Eropa lainnya. Konsultan emas GFMS minggu lalu memprediksi harga emas akan melambung sampai USD 1.600 di tahun ini, terutama didorong kekhawatiran akan inflasi.

Harga emas telah naik sekira enam persen sejak awal tahun ini. Emas tercatat menginjak angka USD1.000 sejak Maret 2008. “Emas akan tetap berada pada posisi tinggi selama posisi utang AS masih tinggi dan kekhawatiran akan inflasi masih ada,” kata analis perdagangan emas Spread Co Ian O’Sullivan.


Inflasi Global Kunci Melambungnya Emas

Oleh: Ahmad Munjin
Ekonomi – Rabu, 20 April 2011 | 07:27 WIB

INILAHCOM, Jakarta – Dalam tiga bulan, harga emas diprediksi melambung ke level US$1,540 per troy ounce setelah mencetak rekor baru di level US$1,498,60. Kekhawatiran pasar atas inflasi global menjadi katalisnya.

Periset dan analis senior Monex Investindo Futures Daru Wibisono mengatakan, banyak kalangan baik di dalam maupun luar negeri memprediksi harga emas bisa menembus US$1,500 per troy ounce. Sebab, pasar mengkhawatirkan lonjakan inflasi global yang signifikan di negara-negara utama seperti India, Eurozone, AS dan China.

Dia menegaskan, inflasi menjadi kekhawatiran dunia sehingga memicu perburuan investor atas emas. Menurutnya, level kritis harga emas ada di US$1,500 per troy ounce. Jika level ini berhasil ditembus, bisa mencapai rekor terbarunya di level US$1,540. “Level tersebut bisa dicapai 3-5 bulan ke depan,” katanya kepada INILAH.COM, di Jakarta, Selasa (19/4).

Yang terbaru menurut Daru, pasar khawatir atas inflasi China. Pada Maret 2011, inflasi China sangat tinggi 5,4% di atas ekspektasi 5,2% dan bulan sebelumnya 4,9%. Dari sisi indeks harga produsen pun naik dari bulan sebelumnya dan ekspektasi 7,2% ke level 7,3%.

Begitu juga dengan retail sales negeri Tirai Bambu itu yang naik dari bulan sebelumnya 15,8% dan ekspektasi 15,5% menjadi 17,4%. Hal serupa terjadi pada data industrial of food China yang naik dari sebelumnya 14,1% dan dieskpektasikan turun ke level 14%, tapi dirilis justru lebih tinggi ke level 14,8%.

“Karena itu, permintaan atas aset-aset aman seperti emas pun meningkat,” tandas Daru. Di sisi lain, imbuhnya, faktor geopolitik juga turut mendongkrak harga emas, tapi bukan faktor utama.

Lebih jauh ia mengatakan, harga emas juga semakin meroket setelah lembaga pemeringkat Standard & Poor’s (S&P) menurunkan outlook rating utang jangka panjang AS menjadi ‘negatif’ dari sebelumnya ‘stabil’. Namun, menurutnya, S&P masih mempertahankan rating utang ‘AAA’ milik AS.

“Artinya, faktor inflasi lebih berdampak pada kenaikan emas jangka panjang,” ujarnya. Sebab, peringkat AS bisa dipulihkan seiring S&P yang memberikan warning lanjutan, agar pihak administrasi Presiden Obama dan Kongres AS mencari cara untuk memangkas defisit. “Jika AS melakukan pemangkasan, outlook rating AS akan kembali pulih sehingga berdampak pada kenaikan emas jangka panjang,” tuturnya.

Saat ini, lanjut Daru, setelah mencapai rekor tertinggi sepanjang sejarah di level US$1,498,60 harga emas pukul 14.00 WIB kembali terkoreksi ke level US$1,490,36. Ini semata koreksi teknikal. “Tapi, pada saat pasar AS buka, harga emas semakin bergejolak,” ucapnya.

Secara teknikal, menurutnya, level koreksi emas di level US$1,487 dan support kedua di level US$1,480. Ini merupakan level support untuk balik arah (reversal) menguat. Tapi, jika emas turun ke bawah US$1,480, berpeluang melanjutkan koreksi ke level US$1,470. “Ini merupakan tahap dua untuk beli,” timpalnya.

Artinya, lanjut Daru, sebelum emas turun ke level US$1,480 investor jangka panjang jangan dulu melakukan pembelian. “Masalahnya, untuk koreksi ke level tersebut masih jauh sehingga bisa jadi emas justru menguat lebih lanjut,” ucap Daru.

Karena itu, pasar lebih baik mengatisipasi rebound menembus US$1,500 per troy ounce. Tapi, jika beli di level US$1,490, ada peluang koreksi ke level US$1,483. Untuk jangka panjang, ia menyarankan untuk melakukan pembelian.

“Untuk jangka pendek (harian), jika emas tak lagi kuat menembus US$1.500 lebih baik jual saja dan kembali beli di level bawah. Pasar harus memastikan, level US$1,496 sebagai level overbought atau bukan. Di level-level inilah, trader jangka pendek bisa mencuri poin dengan merealisasikan keuntungan,” paparnya.

Diberitakan, kontrak harga emas di Nymex, Senin (18/4) waktu setempat, kembali menembus rekor baru di level US$1.498,60 per troy ounce. Kenaikan harga emas kembali terjadi setelah Standard & Poor’s merevisi outlook kredit jangka panjang AS menjadi negatif. Hal itu mendongkrak pamor emas sebagai pilihan investasi ketimbang dolar AS.

“Sentimen negatif semakin meningkat, di mana kita akan mengalami penurunan rating kredit dalam beberapa tahun ke depan. Akan lebih banyak investor yang kemudian mencari emas sebagai investasi teraman,” urai Matthew Zeman, strategist Kingsview Financial di Chicago. [mdr]

April 19, 2011

I heart you: emas is a MusT (3020) … 190411

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Senin, 18/04/2011 22:24 WIB
Wow! Harga Emas Tembus Rekor Lagi
Wahyu Daniel – detikFinance

Jakarta – Harga emas meroket menembus rekor tertinggi baru mendekati US$ 1.500 per ounce setelah perusahaan rating internasional Standard & Poor’s menurunkan outlook peringkat utang AS menjadi ‘negative’ dari sebelumnya ‘stable’.

Di pasar London, harga emas mencapai rekor baru di US$ 1.497,23 per ounce. Emas menjadi tempat aman investor setelah penurunan peringkat tersebut menimbulkan sentimen negatif.

“S&P telah menimbulkan kekhawatiran investor untuk memindahkan asetnya dalam bentuk valas ke komoditi,” ujar analis Ian O’Sullivan seperti dikutip dari AFP, Senin (18/4/2011).

Akibat penurunan peringkat ini, bursa saham di AS dibuka dengan penurunan yang tajam. Apalagi jumlah utang pemerintah AS saat ‌ini sangat besar dan juga defisit anggarannya.

Penurunan peringkat utang ini segera dikonfrontir oleh pemerintah AS yang mengatakan S&P telah meremehkan kemampuan pemeritnah AS untuk mengatasi masalah utang yang cukup tinggi.

“Kami percaya pandangan negatif S&P meremehkan kemampuan pemimpin Amerika untuk bersama-sama menghadapi tantangan fiskal sulit yang dihadapi bangsa ini,” kata Departemen Keuangan AS dalam pernyataannya.

S&P memberikan AS waktu hingga 2013 untuk menyusun rencana yang kredibel guna mengatasi masalah keuangan. Jika tidak, maka AS berisiko kehilangan rating kredit ‘AAA’ yang didambakannya karena membantu untuk mendapatkan utang berbunga murah.

Gold-Shortage Threat Drives Texas Schools Hoarding 664,000 Ounces at HSBC
By David Mildenberg and Pham-Duy Nguyen – Apr 18, 2011
Dallas hedge-fund manager J. Kyle Bass helped advise the University of Texas Investment Management Co. on taking delivery of 6,643 gold bars, worth $991.7 million yesterday, that are stored in a bank warehouse in New York.

Bass, who made $500 million with 2006 bets on a U.S. subprime-mortgage market collapse, said managers of the endowment, known as UTIMCO, sought board approval to convert its gold investments into bullion this year. A board member, Bass, 41, said he was asked to help with that process.

While Bass, a managing partner at Hayman Capital Management LP, said in an April 16 e-mail that “the decision to purchase and take delivery of the physical gold” was made by endowment staff members, “I helped where I could.” Gold futures touched a record $1,498.60 an ounce today in New York before settling at $1,492.90.

The Texas fund’s $19.9 billion in assets ranked it behind only Harvard University’s endowment as of August, according to the National Association of College and University Business Officers. Last year, UTIMCO added about $500 million in gold investments to an existing stake, said Bruce Zimmerman, the endowment’s chief executive officer. The fund’s managers sought to take delivery of bullion to protect against demand for the metal overwhelming supply, according to Bass.

Contracts Exceed Supply

Open interest in gold futures and options traded on the Comex typically exceeds supplies held in its warehouses. If the holders of just 5 percent of those contracts opted to take delivery of the metal, there wouldn’t be enough to cover the demand, Bass said.

“If you own a paper contract where they can only deliver you 10 cents on the dollar or less, you should probably convert it to physical,” said Bass, who isn’t related to Fort Worth’s billionaire Bass family. He said holding cash wasn’t a better choice because the rate of inflation exceeds money-market rates by 2.5 percent to 3 percent, eroding the value of cash.

“The call to take delivery is more of a challenge to the system and it borders on the anarchistic,” said Ralph Preston, a principal at Heritage West Financial Inc., a San Diego company that specializes in futures trading. “It’s like the Republicans trying to overturn President Obama over the birth certificate issue. It’s poor sportsmanship.”

Storage Costs

Bullion banks generally charge his clients about $15 a month to store a 100-ounce bar of gold, the amount covered by a single contract, Preston said. The Texas fund negotiated with Comex to pay about 0.1 percent of the metal’s value, Bass said.

That would indicate an annual cost of about $992,000 to store the delivered gold, based on today’s price. By comparison, the SPDR Gold Trust, the biggest exchange-traded fund backed by bullion, charges a management fee of 0.4 percent of invested assets. That would reach almost $4 million for the Texas fund.

Sovereign-debt concerns also boosted demand for the metal today, driving Comex futures to an all-time high as Standard & Poor’s revised its U.S. credit outlook to negative. The price has climbed 31 percent in the past year.

“Why hold your money in dollars when the Fed can double and triple the supply rather quickly and quietly and won’t even tell us what they are doing,” U.S. Representative Ron Paul, a Texas Republican who has for decades favored a return to a currency backed by precious metals, said today in a telephone interview. “Logic tells me a lot more people will do it.”

10-Year Rally

Gold’s 10-year rally has attracted billionaire investors such as George Soros and John Paulson, who seek a store of value as record-low interest rates erode returns on currencies.

“You’re starting to see institutional investors accepting gold and commodities as legitimate investible assets and taking physical control of them,” said Michael Cuggino, who helps manage about $12 billion at the Permanent Portfolio Funds in San Francisco. About 20 percent of the fund is in gold stored in Comex warehouses.

“Central banks are printing more money than they ever have, so what’s the value of money in terms of purchases of goods and services,” Bass said April 15 in a telephone interview. “I look at gold as just another currency that they can’t print any more of.”

Few investors take physical delivery of bullion. As of April 14, 2,860 contracts this month, about 0.5 percent of total open interest, had been converted to metal, exchange data show.

Slowing Deliveries

Physical deliveries have slowed as gold topped records this year, said Blake Robben, a senior market strategist who handles deliveries of Comex metals for clients at Chicago-based broker Lind-Waldock.

“It’s usually wealthy individuals with net worth over $1 million who want to take delivery to diversify away from the dollar,” Robben said. “Generally, it’s a big hassle and not worth it to take delivery.”

Investors should be wary of government attempts to curtail holding gold, Paul said, citing U.S. ownership restrictions in the 1930s. “Governments don’t like to be embarrassed.”

To own 100 ounces of gold futures with Lind-Waldock, investors pay a $100 fee and put up $6,571 in a margin account to buy a single contract. To take delivery of a 100-ounce bar, investors have to pay the contract’s full price.

Bass, a Texas Christian University graduate who was named to the endowment’s board in August, is a former salesman with Bear Stearns Cos. and Legg Mason Inc. He said about 5 percent of his hedge fund is invested in gold.

The endowment, which oversees funds held by the University of Texas System and Texas A&M University, has 664,300 ounces of bullion in a Comex-registered vault in New York owned by HSBC Holdings Plc, the London-based bank, according to a report distributed at a meeting in Austin last week. The fund said its cost basis for the gold investment was $764 million.

“I simply voted as a board member to approve the storage facility and concurred with their decisions,” Bass said.

April 18, 2011

I heart you: emas is a must (3010) … 180411

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Makin Mahal, Emas Kembali Buat Rekor
Erlangga Djumena | Senin, 18 April 2011 | 12:11 WIB

SINGAPURA, KOMPAS.com — Kontrak harga emas lagi-lagi menorehkan rekor baru. Dengan demikian, sudah tiga hari terakhir harga emas membentuk harga tertingginya sepanjang sejarah.

Pemicu lonjakan harga emas terkait dengan kecemasan akan inflasi global serta krisis utang Eropa. Dua faktor itu mendorong investor untuk mencari investasi yang aman.

Senin (18/4/2011) pagi, kontrak harga emas untuk pengantaran cepat naik 0,1 persen menjadi 1.488,68 dollar AS per troy ounce. Pada pukul 10.00 waktu Singapura, kontrak yang sama berada di level 1.485,35 dollar AS. Sementara itu, kontrak harga emas untuk pengantaran Juni di New York juga meroket ke level rekor baru di posisi 1.489,70 dollar AS per troy ounce.

“Ketidakpastian di kawasan Eropa dan inflasi di Asia menjadi faktor pemicu utama lonjakan harga emas di Asia. Kecemasan akan inflasi semakin menjadi-jadi setelah China menaikkan rasio giro wajib minimum perbankannya,” kata David Thurtell, Head of Metal Research Citigroup Inc.

Sekadar tambahan, harga emas sudah melojak sebesar 31 persen sepanjang tahun ini.

Sementara di Indonesia, logam mulia, yang merupakan unit PT Aneka Tambang Tbk, hari ini mematok harga emas pada Rp 423.000 per gram untuk setiap pembelian 1.000 gram emas.

April 14, 2011

gadis genit: gempa SENDIRI … 140411

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April 13, 2011
In Japan, Aftershocks Are Also Felt From Within

TOKYO — Aguri Suzuki, a 44-year-old real estate agent, says she sometimes thinks the ground is shaking even when it is not. When she sees a tree branch swaying in the wind, she worries there has been an earthquake.

Doctors here say they are seeing more people who are experiencing such phantom quakes, as well as other symptoms of “earthquake sickness” like dizziness and anxiety.

And it is no wonder. As if the threat of radiation from a crippled nuclear power plant were not enough, Tokyo and the region to its northeast have been under a constant barrage of aftershocks since the magnitude 9.0 earthquake that set off a devastating tsunami on March 11. Two earthquakes were felt in Tokyo on Wednesday morning, three on Tuesday, a large one on Monday and a very large one of magnitude 7.1 last Thursday.

Over all, there have been 400 aftershocks of magnitude 5.0 or greater in northeastern Japan since March 11. That is as many sizable quakes in one month as Japan typically experiences in two and a half years, according to the Japan Meteorological Agency.

The quakes are complicating efforts to control the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. For instance, the quake on Monday knocked out cooling at the Fukushima plant for nearly an hour.

Every time a sizable quake occurs, the first question on many people’s minds is whether the nuclear plant has been further damaged and whether a new cloud of radiation is on the way. A spokesman for the Tokyo Electric Power Company, the plant’s owner, is then hustled onto television to reassure viewers.

Government officials are becoming concerned that in the rush to cool the reactors and prevent hydrogen explosions, the plant’s vulnerability to another tsunami has been overlooked.

“A week ago we thought the major risk was a hydrogen explosion,” a senior official in the office of the prime minister said Tuesday. “I think the major risk at the moment is an aftershock and tsunami.”

Hidehiko Nishiyama, the deputy director general of Japan’s nuclear regulator, the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency, said at a news conference on Wednesday evening that three measures are being considered that would allow electricity and cooling at the plant to remain intact even after a tsunami measuring 15 meters, or 49 feet. Right now the site can withstand a tsunami of only about 18 feet, he said. One measure is to interconnect the external power lines that have been built to the power plant, so that if one power line is broken, the others can still carry electricity to the various reactors.

A second measure is to put a generator on a small hill inside the plant site, and the third is to place a fire pumper engine on the hill that could send water into the reactors and spent fuel pools even if electricity was interrupted.

Japan, which sits atop four colliding tectonic plates, has a long history of earthquakes and some sophisticated technology to deal with them.

A detection system transmits warnings of some pending quakes a few seconds in advance to television broadcasters and to many cellphones. In recent weeks it has not been unusual to see nearly all the people in a restaurant or a train suddenly look at their cellphones at the same time.

Yurekuru, a free app for the iPhone that delivers such warnings (its name might be translated as “the shaking is coming”), now has 1.5 million users, compared with only 100,000 before the March 11 quake, according to RC Solution, the app’s developer.

Geologists say the frequency of the aftershocks has declined since March 11 and will continue to decline, but will still remain higher than normal for a long time. “There is an increased frequency and it will last for at least five or ten years,” said Ross S. Stein, a geophysicist at the U.S. Geological Survey in Menlo Park, Calif., who has studied the situation in Japan.

The March 11 quake was so strong that a Japan Coast Guard monitoring instrument on the floor of the Pacific Ocean near the epicenter moved 24 meters, or about 79 feet, eastward. The city of Sendai, whose airport was inundated by the tsunami, moved about 13 feet, according to Shinji Toda, a professor at Kyoto University.

Such large movements have shifted stresses in the earth, increasing the likelihood of quakes on some fault lines while reducing the likelihood on others, including the one involved in the 1923 Tokyo earthquake.

But over all, Dr. Stein said, the risks have increased. “There’s this very broad turn-on of seismicity that extends 300 miles from the rupture zone,” he said.

Satoko Oki, an assistant professor at the University of Tokyo’s earthquake research institute, said that an aftershock of the March 11 quake could reach magnitude 8.0.

There is some precedent. The 2004 quake of magnitude 9.1 near Sumatra, Indonesia, which spawned a tsunami that killed more than 200,000 people, was followed three months later by one measuring 8.6 and later by four more huge ones.

But the 8.8 magnitude earthquake in Chile in early 2010 has not yet produced an aftershock larger than 7.1, Dr. Stein said.

To be sure, the spate of earthquakes has not caused the same panic and mass exodus as the fears of radiation in the first week after the nuclear crisis began. Still, with levels of radiation in the Tokyo air having sharply fallen since then, some people interviewed on the street said they worried about the aftershocks more than radiation.

Dr. Hideaki Sakata, director of the Mejiro University Clinic, who is treating Ms. Suzuki, said that feeling the ground shaking when it is not is similar to the continued feeling of swaying when one first gets off a boat onto solid ground.

Dr. Kazuhiro Soeda, an ear, nose and throat specialist in Utsunomiya, outside Tokyo, who also treats patients having trouble dealing with the aftershocks, said: “People are getting too sensitive. This is something we’ve never experienced before.”

Makiko Inoue, Kantaro Suzuki and Ken Ijichi contributed reporting.

April 7, 2011

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Gold surges to record on euro, silver at $40

Wed, Apr 6 2011

By Lewa Pardomuan

SINGAPORE | Fri Apr 8, 2011 3:38am EDT

(Reuters) – Gold struck a record high on Friday, and silver hit $40 an ounce for the first time since 1980, as a weaker dollar and concerns about inflation sent investors piling into precious metals.

Silver exchange traded fund holdings jumped to an all-time high and gold holding rose to their largest since mid-March as a surge in oil and other commodity prices threatens to bolster already rising inflation.

Investors are also looking to the prospect of more declines in the dollar following the European Central Bank’s first rate hike since 2008.

Spot gold rose as high as $1,466.40 an ounce, on track for a gain of 1 percent this week.

“Corrections from here are likely to be shallow, with fresh investment demand emerging on all dips. $1,500 an ounce is around the corner and may be hit in the next few sessions,” said Pradeep Unni, senior analyst at Richcomm Global Services in Dubai.

The world’s largest gold-backed exchange-traded fund, SPDR Gold Trust, said its holdings rose to 1,217.209 metric tons by April 7, their highest since mid-March.

“Maybe there is some dollar-related buying because it’s weakening. People see the ETF increasing a bit, so they want to buy some gold,” said Ronald Leung, director of Lee Cheong Gold Dealers in Hong Kong.

“There’s a small amount of physical buying. Jewelers are covering shorts, but it’s a very small amount. Everybody is looking for a new high, maybe $1,500 or $1,600.”

Spot gold is poised to rise to $1,477 per ounce based on its wave pattern and a Fibonacci projection analysis, according to Wang Tao, a Reuters market analyst for commodities and energy technicals.

Dealers noted selling of gold scrap from Indonesia and Thailand, but the light volume had little impact on prices, keeping premiums for gold bars steady in Singapore at between 70 cents to $1 an ounce.

Main buyer India, which is the midst of the busy wedding season, was on the sidelines after prices surged to a record.

Spot silver, seen as a cheaper alternative to gold, hit an intraday high of $40 an ounce, and is set to rise 6 percent this week.

IShares Silver Trust (SLV.P) said its holdings hit 11,192.80 metric tons by April 7 from 11,162.45 metric tons on April 4.

U.S. gold futures for June hit $1.468 an ounce, a record high.

The euro showed resilience and touched a 15-month high against the dollar on Friday, bouncing back after dipping the previous day in a sell-the-fact type of reaction to a widely-expected rate rise by the European Central Bank.
Kamis, 07/04/2011 08:35 WIB
Harga Emas Ukir Rekor Tertinggi Lagi
Nurul Qomariyah – detikFinance

New York – Harga emas kembali menembus titik tertingginya sepanjang sejarah, menyusul merosotnya dolar AS. Demikian pula perak masih bercokol di titik tertingginya dalam 31 tahun terakhir.

Pada perdagangan Rabu (6/4/2011), harga emas di pasar spot sempat melonjak ke US$ 1.461,91 per ounce sebelum akhirnya surut ke US$ 1.458,90 per ounce, atau berarti naik 0,6%. Harga emas berjangka pengiriman Juni juga naik 0,4% ke level US$ 1.458,50.

Kemarin harga emas sudah menembus titik tertingginya di US$ 1.455,06 per ounce. Rekor tertinggi harga emas sebelumnya adalah di US$ 1.447,40 per ounce pada 24 Maret lalu.

Harga emas yang berdenominasi dolar AS langsung melonjak menyusul anjloknya dolar AS atas euro. Mata uang tunggal euro melonjak mengantisipasi kenaikan suku bunga oleh Bank Sentral Eropa. Euro tercatat menguat tajam ke 1,4332 dolar, dibandingkan sebelumnya di 1,4221 dolar.

“Tidak perlu dipertanyakan lagi bahwa permintaan logam berharga timbul dari devaluasi mata uang utama yakni dolar AS, poundsterling dan euro,” ujar Angela Damaskos, fund manager dari Sector Investment Managers seperti dikutip dari Reuters, Kamis (7/4/2011).

Korelasi berkebalikan antara emas dan dolar AS sepertinya terus menguat sepanjang pekan ini. Dan melemahnya dolar AS terhadap euro hingga ke titik terendahnya dalam setahun terakhir semakin memicu kenaikan harga emas.

Seperti diketahui, harga emas terus melonjak sejak awal tahun ini menyusul ancaman inflasi yang mendorong investor berbondong-bondong memburu logam berharga tersebut karena dinilai tempat investasi paling aman dari inflasi.

Tak heran harga emas terus mengukir rekor tertingginya. Namun jika dilakukan penyesuaian terhadap inflasi, harga emas tertinggi masih dicapai pada tahun 1980 yang jika dilakukan perhitungan inflasi maka harganya bisa setara dengan US$ 2.500 per ounce.


April 6, 2011

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STUDI terbaru menemukan bahwa menumpuk lemak di perut pada usia paruh baya secara signifikan dapat meningkatkan risiko kebutaan di kemudian hari.

Hal itu disimpulkan para peneliti di University of Melbourne yang mengatakan bahwa ukuran pinggang yang bertambah bisa membuat seseorang berisiko alami degenerasi makula (AMD), menurut laporan Daily Mail, Jumat (1/4). Degenerasi makula adalah suatu keadaan dimana makula mengalami kemunduran sehingga terjadi penurunan ketajaman penglihatan dan kemungkinan akan menyebabkan hilangnya fungsi penglihatan sentral. Bahkan, sedikit penambahan ukuran pinggang juga tampaknya meningkatkan risiko AMD hingga 75 persen.

Namun, perempuan tampaknya tidak terpengaruh oleh hal ini. Perbedaan antara kedua jenis kelamin itu karena hadirnya hormon estrogen pada perempuan .

Lemak pada perut melepaskan estrogen ke dalam tubuh. Berdasarkan hasil studi terhadap hewan, hormone ini bisa menyebabkan peradangan pada aliran darah di belakang mata.

Karena perempuan memiliki tingkat estrogen yang lebih tinggi jadi efek ini tak terlalu berdampak.

Para peneliti telah memantau perubahan lingkar pinggang pada sekitar 21 ribu pria dan perempuan berusia antara 40 dan 69 tahun selama beberapa tahun dan melacak adanya diagnosis AMD. “Ada bukti bahwa peradangan kronis pada mata bisa menyebbakan AMD. Obesitas ditengarai merupalan pemicu peradangan tersebut,” kata para ilmuwan.

Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa bahkan perubahan kecil di pinggang pria bisa menyebabkan peningkatan tajam dalam risiko peradangan tersebut. (MI/ICH)

April 5, 2011

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Gold tops $1,460 ahead of euro zone rates meeting

10:39am EDT
By Amanda Cooper and Jan Harvey
LONDON (Reuters) – Gold hit a record high for a second straight session on Wednesday, powered by investor demand for safe-haven assets and a slide in the dollar in anticipation of a euro zone rate hike, while silver hit fresh 31-year peaks.
Unrest across the Arab world and unease over the euro zone’s debt finances have also encouraged inflows of cash into gold, which has risen by more than 2 percent this week.
Spot gold hit a record $1,461.91 an ounce and was bid at $1,460.60 an ounce at 1422 GMT, against $1,450.60 late in New York on Tuesday. U.S. gold futures for June delivery rose $9.60 an ounce to $1,462.10.
“We have been seeing frenzied buying as markets scythed through the all-time high levels,” said Pradeep Unni, senior analyst at Richcomm Global Services. “Fundamentals are still bullish, with geopolitical instability supporting the markets substantially.”
Oil prices were near 2-1/2 year highs as unrest continued across the Middle East and North Africa, keeping gold well-bid. Investors were also nervous over euro zone debt, becoming increasingly convinced Lisbon will have to seek a bailout.

The focus this week is on Thursday’s three central bank policy meetings, at which the European Central Bank is seen almost certain to raise rates, while the Bank of Japan and the Bank of England are expected to hold their fire.
The euro hit its strongest in over a year versus the dollar in anticipation of an ECB rate hike. While hikes usually pressure non-interest bearing assets like gold, pressure on the dollar resulting from the move is expected to outweigh that.
“It is unquestionable that the demand for precious metals derives from the devaluation of the leading currencies — the dollar, the pound and the euro,” said Angelos Damaskos, a fund manager at Sector Investment Managers.
“Investors are looking for an alternative store of value.”
The minutes from the U.S. Federal Reserve’s most recent meeting, released on Tuesday, did not contain anything to suggest the central bank would end its $600 billion bond buying program ahead of time, which some had mooted.
Record-high food prices and rising oil prices have stoked inflationary pressures around the world, adding to the case for owning gold, which can help mitigate the impact of rising price pressures on an investment portfolio.
The world’s central banks are tackling inflation by tightening monetary policy — a potential negative to gold, which bears no yield.
But most benchmark interest rates, when adjusted for inflation, will remain in negative territory, including those in China, which raised rates on Tuesday for the fourth time since October.
Reflecting the pick-up in investor demand for gold was the first inflow of metal into the SPDR Gold Trust, the world’s largest exchange-traded fund, since March 16.
Holdings of silver in the world’s largest ETF, the iShares Silver Trust are at a record 11,162.45 tons, having risen by more than 240 tons so far this year.
Silver has reaped the benefits of investor demand for safe-haven assets and protection from inflation and on Wednesday rose to its highest level since January 1980.
Spot silver was last at $39.67 an ounce, having risen earlier by more than 1 percent to $39.75. Spot platinum was last up 1.2 percent at $1,806.99 an ounce, while palladium was up 0.7 percent at $791.63.
(Editing by Alison Birrane)
Gold jumps to record over $1,450 as corn, crude surge

3:46pm EDT
By Frank Tang
NEW YORK (Reuters) – Gold jumped to an all-time high above $1,450 an ounce on Tuesday, as peak crude and corn prices fanned inflation fears and a downgrade of Portugal’s credit rating drew attention to euro zone problems.
Bullion rose more than 1 percent, its biggest gain in more than a month of range-bound trading. Silver soared to a 31-year peak. Both drew support from Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke’s comments late on Monday suggesting he was committed to completing a $600 billion stimulus program as scheduled in June.
On technical charts, gold broke above a recent double-top technical formation around $1,440 an ounce. This added to a rush of buying triggered by news that Portugal’s leading banks threatened to stop buying government debt hours after a Moody’s downgrade.
“Bernanke’s comment makes inflation a more real event in the United States. He at least acknowledged the fact that the Fed needs to monitor inflation very closely, and that spooked investors into gold,” said Mark Luschini, chief investment strategist at broker-dealer Janney Montgomery Scott with $53 billion in assets under management.
Spot gold gained 1.1 percent to $1,452.31 an ounce at 3:16 a.m. EDT, off the session high, a record $1,455.06 an ounce.
U.S. gold futures for June delivery settled up 1.4 percent at $1,452.50, with trading volume approaching 160,000 lots, about one-fourth below the 30-day average but sharply higher than that of Monday’s.
Investor Dennis Gartman, publisher of the Gartman Letter, said gold was free from liquidation pressure once it breached $1,441 an ounce, a level which had triggered selling.
“It appears that gold is beginning a new up-trend after its recent consolidation,” said Adam Sarhan of Sarhan Capital. “If gold negates this breakout and falls back below $1,440 to $1,430, one would expect sideways action to continue.”
Silver gained 1.8 percent to $39.12 an ounce, after hitting a session high of $39.25. That was the highest since the Hunt Brothers cornered the market in the early 1980s, when silver briefly hit a record of just below $50 an ounce.
Silver outperformed gold in the first quarter, rising 22 percent while gold rose 0.7 percent. The gold:silver ratio, which shows how many silver ounces are needed to buy an ounce of gold, fell to a 28-year low at 37.3.
UBS said silver investors show no sign of being ready to sell, even though there is a “real danger that silver prices have traveled too fast, too soon.” Silver at $40 an ounce appears inevitable in the near term, UBS said.
Rising oil and grain prices boosted gold’s appeal as an inflation hedge. Brent crude rose to a 2-1/2-year highs on geopolitical risks to supply from the Middle East, while corn futures hit a record high on persistent worries over tight supplies.
On Monday, Bernanke said an increase in U.S. inflation has been driven primarily by rising commodity prices globally, and was unlikely to persist. He said the Fed would monitor inflation and inflation expectations very closely.
“What it shows is that big money continues to believe gold will go higher…because Bernanke wants to grow at any cost,” said Axel Merk, portfolio manager of the Merk Mutual Funds, which manages more than $600 million of fund assets.
Gold rose more after the Fed released minutes of its March 15 meeting, showing some Fed officials believed they would have to hold to an easy monetary policy course beyond this year, while a few said the central bank should move to tighter conditions before year-end.
Last November, the Fed initiated a $600 billion bond buying program. The program is scheduled to end in June. Gold has been a major beneficiary since the Fed has kept short-term rates near zero since December 2008.
Gold is also benefiting from concerns that some smaller euro zone economies such as Portugal and Ireland will keep struggling with sovereign debt, and from jitters over Western air strikes in Libya and unrest in the Middle East.
Earlier in the session, gold fell in tandem with other commodities after China raised interest rates for the second time this year.
Gold has largely ignored previous monetary tightening from China, which tends to weigh more heavily on industrial commodities like copper. In addition, official data from China shows that inflation appears to be tapering off after its series of rate hikes this year.
Investors will seek more clues from an interest rate decision from an European Central Bank policy meeting on Thursday. The ECB is widely expected to raise its benchmark rate by 25 basis points to 1.25 percent.
Higher interest rates usually weigh on gold, but the metal could gain if rate differentials weaken the U.S. dollar.
For platinum group metals, platinum rose 0.4 percent to $1,786.99 an ounce, while palladium also gained 0.9 percent to $786.22. Prices at 3:16 p.m. EDT.
(Additional reporting by Jan Harvey and Silvia Antonioli in London; Editing by David Gregorio)

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